Ata Trust Company

ATA Trust Company S.A.
Trustee Corporation registered and regulated by SUGEF


“The registration of Ata Trust Company S.A., corporate tax identification number 3-101-387856, before the General Superintendent of Financial Entities is not an authorization to operate, and the supervision exercised by the Superintendent is only in terms of money laundering in accordance with Act 8204, Law on Narcotics, Psychotropic substances, Drugs of unauthorized use, related activities, money laundering and terrorism financing". "Therefore, SUGEF does not monitor business made by the company or its security, stability or solvency. People who hire their services do so at their account and risk."

The National Council of Supervision of the National Financial System, based on the article 11 of the Act of Session number 549-2006, on February 12, 2006, authorized the registration of Ata Trust Company SA in the Registry of regulated Trust Companies.

The trust is regulated by the General Superintendence of Financial Institutions (SUGEF) and based in the chapter XII of the Code of Commerce of Costa Rica.


ATA Trust Company S.A. is a private corporation, registered and regulated under the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica, and whose main and only activity is the provision of trustee, depositary, custodian and administrator services by mandate for liquid and non-liquid financial assets.

We provide support and fiduciary facilitator services to the financial and business communities, nationally and internationally, for closing of business that require its assets to be safeguarded, protected and transferred according to their mandate. We act as an impartial third party in business.

Due to the type of services provided by ATA Trust Company, S.A., we have been duly registered before the General Superintendence of Financial Institutions (SUGEF) of Costa Rica since 2006. This registration is currently in effect, which allows and qualifies for its operations (

ATA Trust CompanyS.A. was founded in response to the growing need of a specialized and experienced trustee, able to provide trust services based on a close relationship with the customer ensuring an accurate, clear and reliable administration and management of their assets. It ensures that the will expressed in each contract will be fulfilled efficiently, under the concept of "a good parent" and strict confidentiality .

To serve as Trustee, Custodian, Escrow Agent or Deposit Agent and Administrator at national and international level, with high ethical values and professional excellence, providing trustee services in an efficient, transparent and highly reliable manner.

To be the leading trust company granting security and transparency to financial transactions in Central America.

• Confidentiality
• Integrity
• Impartiality
• Neutrality
• Honesty 
• Transparency
• Availability 
• Effectiveness

• More than 12 years of continuous activity (registered and regulated since February 2006 through article 11 of the Act of Session number 549-2006 of the SUGEF).
• Regional coverage throughout Central America.
• International and legal support from Lexincorp Central American Law Firm.
• Professional and highly specialized team.

• ATA Trust Company, S.A. provides fiduciary services with high added value, efficiency, independence, excellence and confidentiality.
• We have legal, banking and  insurance support to guarantee our clients solidity and confidence in every transaction.





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