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Ata Trust is an innovative company that seeks to facilitate business through new and more efficient methods, such as Fintech, allowing technology and security in financial transactions to go hand in hand. This is why we have strategically created an alliance with Masterzon.

The objective of this alliance is that Masterzon's Fintech platform has an independent and impartial liquidation entity that has been registered before the General Superintendence of Financial Institutions (SUGEF) and backed up by a legal firm with regional presence and high standards of integrity and professionalism.


General Manager of Masterzon, Elio Rojas.


Masterzon is a transactional platform where companies have the possibility of discounting their invoices and contracts once confirmed, obtaining resources directly from interested investors, with whom they can negotiate the interest directly in an efficient and transparent way. Masterzon is the first FINTECH platform in Costa Rica, which operates from the website:


The term Fintech refers to companies that provide financial services through technology, but in a disruptive way, with a significant impact on the traditional way of providing these financial services. For example, in Costa Rica the traditional model is that a company with need for liquidity   attends to a financial institution to discount its invoices, at the price (interest rate) that the entity indicates. Now, through Masterzon’s platform, companies have the possibility to negotiate directly the interest rate, not with one but with several investors interested in discounting their bill or invoice.

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