Ata Trust Company

Among our clients we have professionals and companies from different branches that require the constitution of trusts:

• Lawyers and Notaries: For the facilitation of Escrow Deposits in purchase and sale of real estate and companies.

• Realtors: for structuring of pre-contracts and options with an impartial third party between seller and buyer.

• Engineers and Architects: in their relations with clients.

• Developers: Owners of real estate development projects, to assist with the structure of the projects and the management of construction funds and cash flows.

• Companies or individuals with disputes over a certain amount of money, so that a third party may hold it in custody subject to the outcome of the dispute.

• New Investors who do not yet have banking relationship, to manage their funds.

• Financial advisors while structuring programs for client’s asset protection. 

• Companies requiring cash-flow management.

• Investment banking: in the structuring of investment through trust vehicles.

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