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The trusteeship for the custody of assets has its purpose in the following cases:


- As a collateral for  credit or loans

- For the sale or purchase of properties, as well as corporate and real estate transactions.

- For the estate planning, distribution of goods by will, shareholder agreements and business continuity.

- To execute the development of a property.



If you need a loan with mortgage guarantee, it is better to make a guarantee trust, than to use the traditional scheme, because by law, the first does not pay transfer taxes (*) or registration fees, reducing the cost only to the establishment of the trust, which is much less than that of a mortgage as well as the annual fees of the trustee.


 (*) As long as it is done with a First Order Bank in Costa Rica.

(**) A mortgage guarantee requires the mortgage constitution and after the loan is paid it has to be cancelled, which is very expensive.

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