Ata Trust Company

We manage your assets or rights in the most efficient way to obtain the maximum benefit from them following your best interests. We manage your resources either for project financing, real estate development or construction work.

We provide services such as:

If you need to temporarily deposit your funds in our accounts for us to administer them.

When what you require is the application of your funds by mandate or direct instruction on your part.
Testamentary Trust

The Trustor authorizes a trustee, to at the time of his death, the entity receives all the capital and possessions, with the main purpose of administer them for the benefit of others and when the deadline has been reached or when the condition established at the beginning takes place, the trustee will release all the assets in trust to the beneficiaries.
To guarantee heritage

As the assets of the trust are not part of the personal heritage of the trustor, they are protected from any threat or contingency.
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