Ata Trust Company

We are a Trustee supervised by the General Superintendence of Financial Institutions (SUGEF) and operate legally under Chapter XII of the Code of Commerce of Costa Rica.

Ata Trust allows you to entrust your financial resources to a structured and solid company that has:


• Temporary custody of funds in U.S. Dollars, at state and private commercial banks in Costa Rica.
• Fidelity and compliance insurance: Policy with the National Insurance Institute of Costa Rica.
• Financial statements audited annually by an Auditing Firm recognized  by SUGEF.
• An updated technological platform that allows immediate response.
• Administrative and accounting management individualized.
• Submission of reports, periodic statements of account to each client.
• Quick, immediate and periodic communication with the client in several languages.
• Highly trained and committed staff to provide you with the best service.
• Multidisciplinary professional support.
• Separated and individualized  assets.
• Area of compliance that ensures the efficient control and management of all the aspects contemplated in the Law Nº 8204 (Money Laundering Law).
• Compliance with sound financial and banking practices.
• Reduced risk.

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